Roblox Scripting Beginner Tutorials

Starting out with scripting on Roblox can be very hard, but there are lots of beginner tutorials which you can use to help build up your knowledge. A lot of people want to dive in to the advanced topics straight away, but you need a strong understanding of the basic topics before you dive deeper.

The Roblox Wiki has a ‘Cookbook‘ available for anyone to read, which is a page with tutorials for beginner scripters. It teaches you how to make parts, change their properties, use basic events and even kill players. By using the Cookbook, you will have the knowledge to make a small obstacle course game, with kill bricks and moving parts

AlvinBLOX, who is a popular Roblox scripting YouTuber, made a series of videos which teach people how to script. At the time of writing, he has 13 tutorials which go over all of the basic topics. You can view Alvin’s tutorials by clicking the video below, or by going to his channel here.

PeasFactory also made a series of tutorials on beginner scripting, which you can use. Although 4 years old, most of these tutorials still work and can give you a solid knowledge of scripting. At the time of writing, PeasFactory has 21 videos in his series which you can watch by viewing the video below or heading to his channel here.

By using these tutorials, you can gain a good knowledge of scripting in no time. If there is something which you don’t understand in scripting, there are lots of places you can go for help, which I outline in my Scripting Help article.