Roblox Developer Forum

Roblox has its own set of forums available for all of the community to use. You can socialise, discuss trades but the most helpful subforum is the Scripters Forum. This is the place where any Roblox developer can go and ask for help, regardless of their knowledge.However, there are another set of forums where only the best developers are allowed to converse with each other.

The Roblox Developer Forum is a forum where the best creators in the Roblox community can socialise and connect with each other. As well as this, developers get themselves a direct line to all of the other developers, giving them a network of people to talk and get help from each other.

Being in the developer forums allows developers to get themselves into the exclusive BETA list, giving them special features on the Roblox site which only they can test before they go public.

The public section of the developer forums are open to the public, however if you want to access the other subforums and post on the site, you will need to apply using the form here.

Entry to the developer forums is limited and only the top applicants get in every month. Make sure your application stands out and shows your best projects in order to give you a good chance of getting in!

Roblox Scripting Books

There are many scripting books available for you to purchase on the internet in physical copy form or on Kindle. The books that are out there are featured in this article for you and we have reviewed them so that you know which one is for you.

The first book which we’re going to look at is by Brandon J LaRouche. It is called “Basic ROBLOX Lua Programming” and was released in November 2012. The book covers most beginner scripting topics BUT there are quite a few topics which are now outdated and do not work anymore, such as data saving. If are a beginner who has never used Roblox Studio before I wouldn’t recommend this book as you may stumble upon some errors due to outdated code, but if you have a basic knowledge of Studio and you know how to find errors in your code or spot deprectated APIs, you may consider looking at this book. Purchase this book on Amazon here.

Next up is “ROBLOX Lua: Scripting for Beginners” by Douglas Snipp. Now, this book was published in February 2015 and since then not a lot has changed in relation to the APIs on ROBLOX. The book seems up to date with a lot of topics which are not deprecated. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who is starting out with scripting on Roblox because it introduces you to some of the basic topics which you will need to know in order to make a good game. Purchase this book on Amazon here.

I hope that you find these books useful. Here are some of the reviews from the books:

“It was great! I could read the e-book easily and it taught me the basics and how to get started.” – from an anonymous user on Roblox Lua: Scripting For Beginners

“Ben’s a coder guy and loves this book. He’s also a huge Roblox fan…I know nothing of either.” – from Ben’s mom on Basic ROBLOX Lua Programming

In conclusion I think that these books are great for beginners who are starting out with Roblox development. There are also kindle versions of these books for you to read if you would rather have a virtual copy. These versions can also be cheaper than buying a physical copy.

Thanks for reading this article! If you bought yourself a copy and want to tell me about your experiences with any of these books then please do leave me a comment down below and I will get back to you.