Roblox Scripting Resources

roblox scripting resources

There is lots of content available to help you learn scripting out there. In this article, we go over all of the different places where you can learn scripting and all of the different books which you can buy for Roblox scripting which can help you expand your knowledge.

A lot of scripting video tutorials are posted onto YouTube by experienced scripters wanting to share their knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced scripter you can always find a tutorial on what you are looking for by looking on YouTube. Some of the most popular channels out there are PeasFactory, AlvinBLOX and Eppobot. These channels are very helpful, so make sure that you go and subscribe to them.

You can also find lots of scripting information on the Roblox Wiki. All of the content produced in here is from Roblox staff and verified Wiki Writers. If you are ever stuck, or do not understand something in scripting, you can always find a definition on the Roblox Wiki. The Wiki also provides sample code so that you can see how APIs and different scripting features are supposed to work. You can view the Roblox Wiki by clicking here. It is a very helpful resource, so I advise that you go and check it out!

roblox scripting resources
This is the Roblox Wiki, where you can get lots of scripting help.

There are also a lot of Roblox scripting books available out there for you to buy. These books can be a useful guide for beginner scripters as they walk you through all of the steps to basic topics in a way which is easy to understand, even for children.

Some of the beginner tutorial books out there which you can find are ‘Roblox Lua: Scripting For Beginners’ by Douglas Snipp and ‘Basic Roblox Lua Programming’ by Brandon J LaRouche.

roblox scripting resources
Roblox Lua: Scripting For Beginners book by Douglas Snipp.
roblox scripting resources
‘Basic Roblox Lua Programming’ book by Brandon J LaRouche.

The reviews for these books are really popular, here are what some of them say:

“My son loves playing Roblox but the programming he wanted to learn and wasn’t sure how. This book really helped him. He was very happy to get it and was surprised I’d found it.”

“This is a great book that I really recommend to beginners 😉 It helped me learn a lot about programming :)”

Make sure that you grab yourself a copy of these awesome scripting books and make sure that you use these resources available to you at full extent so that you can learn roblox scripting easily and quickly!