Roblox Developer Forum

Roblox has its own set of forums available for all of the community to use. You can socialise, discuss trades but the most helpful subforum is the Scripters Forum. This is the place where any Roblox developer can go and ask for help, regardless of their knowledge.However, there are another set of forums where only the best developers are allowed to converse with each other.

The Roblox Developer Forum is a forum where the best creators in the Roblox community can socialise and connect with each other. As well as this, developers get themselves a direct line to all of the other developers, giving them a network of people to talk and get help from each other.

Being in the developer forums allows developers to get themselves into the exclusive BETA list, giving them special features on the Roblox site which only they can test before they go public.

The public section of the developer forums are open to the public, however if you want to access the other subforums and post on the site, you will need to apply using the form here.

Entry to the developer forums is limited and only the top applicants get in every month. Make sure your application stands out and shows your best projects in order to give you a good chance of getting in!